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5 common myths busted about wood burning stoves in Ayrshire

Stove burning has always been a topic of contestation amongst people. Some believe it to be extremely harmful while others still use wood burning stoves Ayrshire. No matter what the debate is about, log burners Ayrshire will never go out of work. Wood burning is still important as most households as well as commercial centres use the same due to its cost-effectiveness. All Fired Up Scotland UK is a leading agency that deals in stoves. You can trust them with the quality of stoves. They have been on top of their game for  a very long time. 

log burners Ayrshire

 To help you know more about stoves, a list of myths have been busted just for your assistance. Take  a look at the list below:

  1. Stove burning is harmful for the environment

With the rising concern about the environment, most people are of the idea that stove burning has a lot to do with the rise in carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. On the contrary, stoves burn out 90 percent of the fuel. Therefore, hardly any of the burnt toxic fuel gets to the chimney. 

  1. Anything can be burnt on a stove

It is often believed that a stove is multi-purpose. The statement is partially true. Wood burning stoves Ayrshire are only meant for burning wood. It is advisable to not use it for any other purposes. This could be extremely detrimental for the stove. Eventually, it would lead to major cracks in the stove.

  1. Orange Flame Myth

One of the most bizarre beliefs of people is regarding the orange colour of the flame while burning. It is believed that if the flame is orange in colour then the stove is of good quality. However the colour of flame has nothing to do with the stove. The truth is, the orange colour is a sign of burn. 

  1. UK puts a ban on stoves

One of the most commonly believed myths is that the UK government has restricted the usage of stoves. This news is completely untrue. Due to sudden climate change and emission of carbon monoxide, the government has advised the citizens to minimise its use. However, complete restriction is not possible since log burners Ayrshire would need stoves to burn large logs of wood for factory usage. 

  1. Stove tar need not be cleaned regularly

It is often believed that once you install Firemizer in your stoves, it doesn’t need regular cleaning. Even though a Firemizer reduces the accumulation of tar yet it is advisable to clean the stove once in a week. Complete reliance on a mechanical appliance is not a very reliable option. If cleaning is skipped, you might not be able to use the stove for a very long time. Constant dirt reduces the longevity of all kinds of stove. 

If you are looking for a stove that has been recommended by efficient log burners Ayrshire, then All Fired Up Scotland UK is the right spot for you. It is important that you invest in a good quality stove so that it lasts you the longest.