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Why Ayrshire Residents Choose a HETAS approved Engineer for Stove Installation?

Installing a stove with the help of a friend might feel like a cheap and hassle-free option but it can cost you more in the long run. Cutting corners is fine until you do not compromise with your safety. As the installation of wood burning stoves is increasing, the rise of fraudulent installers is also an ongoing issue. Every year, a number of stove accidents take place due to poor installation process. Only a HETAS approved engineer can install a stove in Ayrshire, following the regulatory guidelines. All Fired Up Scotland UK is an example of such a company that offers reliable and safe stove installation services to its customers.

A HETAS approved engineer knows that the stove installation process varies depending on the size and its features. It is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. To install wood-burning stoves safely, one should meet the regulatory requirements. Often property-owners remain unaware of the fact that how much an incorrectly installed appliance can affect a property. Improper installation and maintenance of fossil fuel and solid fuel appliances can result in carbon monoxide poisoning that can lead to a house fire.

HETAS monitors their engineers and focuses on the improvement of the stove installation process. Their thorough and technically rich method detects issues in the appliance installation process and also identifies whether the problems have been handled by a HETAS approved engineer or a non-approved one.

To be a HETAS certified engineer, one doesn’t need to have certain qualifications. But the workers have to go through several training courses that ensure correct skills and best practices.

What Comes under Safe Stove Installation Checklist?

  • If the property is in a smoke controlled area, wood-burning stoves are your solution
  • Lined chimneys are the safest as they eliminate the risk of CO leakage in the property. Before using or installing a chimney, checking its condition is necessary. Even if the appliance seems fine, it can have cracks that can prove fatal.
  • Installation of a CO detector is mandatory to ensure the safety of a property owner in case of an emergency
  • Combustible materials should be at bay. Otherwise, there is a constant risk of a fire
  • Carrying out a smoke test before stove installation is compulsory and only a HETAS approved engineer ensures that.

Enjoy the HETAS approved wood burning stoves installation process in Ayrshire from All Fired Up Scotland UK to protect your property and your loved ones. Visit the site to know about their services in details!